Vienna ahead! Idea Machine Wien is endorsed by the city of Vienna


After a consequent time period due to the number of requests and workload which the city of Vienna has, we are proud that our commitment resulted in an official endorsment for the Idea Machine Project by the municipal administration MA 18 Urban Planning and Development and its sub departments Smart City Wien and einfach – mehrfach. As both departments are working under the premises of active citizen participation, innovation, smart technologies and capacity building, their goals and those of Idea Machine are overlapping in many aspects. One of the objectives of this partnership is to highlight the possibilities of citizen participation wich are offered by these administrations by providing a window and flow for bottom-up solutions to evolve.

We want to specially thank Jutta Kleedorfer, project coordinator of einfach – mehrfach, and Ina Homeier, head of Smart City Wien, for their time, advice and trust. We are looking forward to foster this collaboration!


Inviting volunteers to organize creative workshops for the youth exchange program of Generation Europa

Invitation for Collaboration GenEuropa

How would you entertain/ teach /move /engage a crowd of 60 teens coming from all over the world to Vienna in August? Come up with your most innovative, playful, creative ideas for a workshop, submit them to before 12th of August and get paid to realize them! Check the document above for more details.

Our partner Generation Europa wins the European Youth Award for outstanding youth work

Generation Europa is a dear partner of our network, specialized in intercultural education and communication and active in promoting the vision of the Global Citizen. This notion of the Global Citizen implies removing any obstacles in the way of the free exchange between people of different cultures. At its core, it’s a radical idea centered around making peace, increasing our tolerances to each other and fostering collaboration. Recently Generation Europa received the Youth Project Award for a youth exchange program focused on issues, tools and processes of Digital democracy. The program invited young people involved in social projects, NGOs and volunteering to come to Vienna in order to discuss on Democracy and the implications of the digital era on it, learn about tools and practice in small groups what they learnt. Idea Machine team participated by offering a 3-day course led by Jean (Rajiv) Marteau and supported by Fabian Höffner and Christoph Mann on digital tools used in developing digital campaigns and video statements for a cause. Idea Machine is very proud of Generation Europa and we will continue our fruitful collaboration! The following thoughts are written by Wolfgang Sieberth, the co-founder of Generation Europa regarding this award.

This year our network was granted the European Youth Award, which is a meaningful beginning by the European Commission to recognize our work.

The world seems to take a shift towards distrust, hostility and intentional misunderstanding. Our network is a growing flower against this shift and certain entities are starting to recognize this. We have elaborated partnerships and friendships across borders, religions, ideologies and social constructs now able to design projects, technologies and services that allow for comprehensive challenges of the times to come to be addressed and more importantly tackled, as for example youth unemployment. But not only do we see our selves as problems-solvers. The ultimate idea is to understand the world as a meaningful place to live and that in our shared spaces we enjoy collaboration to create. Differences are not an obstacle, they are a precondition. We understood that innovation, prosperity and social justice do come from humans, who are first of all human and not nationals. The more multi-layered a team is, the more diverse and profound can it create and realize ideas. This is not new! Whats new, is that we are are serious about it.

The European Commission awarded a network, that cooperates between organizations from the European Union, Russia, Egypt, Israel, Palestine,  Georgia and Azerbaijan in the field of non-formal education. We are going to continue developing this global citizen understanding that allows for true development.

Our next step is to consolidate our network and to run inclusive activities that allow for creative minds of any kind to expose themselves. Youth exchanges, multiplier events, expert meetings, conventions and barcamps as product and services development, including research are part of our plan of activities for the upcoming period.

Join the journey! Become a global citizen.