Vienna ahead! Idea Machine Wien is endorsed by the city of Vienna


After a consequent time period due to the number of requests and workload which the city of Vienna has, we are proud that our commitment resulted in an official endorsment for the Idea Machine Project by the municipal administration MA 18 Urban Planning and Development and its sub departments Smart City Wien and einfach – mehrfach. As both departments are working under the premises of active citizen participation, innovation, smart technologies and capacity building, their goals and those of Idea Machine are overlapping in many aspects. One of the objectives of this partnership is to highlight the possibilities of citizen participation wich are offered by these administrations by providing a window and flow for bottom-up solutions to evolve.

We want to specially thank Jutta Kleedorfer, project coordinator of einfach – mehrfach, and Ina Homeier, head of Smart City Wien, for their time, advice and trust. We are looking forward to foster this collaboration!


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